Common Good

Our fall preaching series Common Good: Fostering A Lifestyle of Compassion will delve into the texts of Luke 15-23
Jesus works in the world today as he worked in the world in Luke’s day—by delegating ordinary people to foster and perform his compassionate ministry. As contemporary disciples, we are sent out by Jesus to do some incredible work of service in his name. Therefore even in our struggles to be faithful we can rejoice that we are seeing signs and wonders of God’s reign in some out of the way places. We receive the joyful gift of seeing some of God’s astounding work as Jesus utilizes us for the accomplishment of his mission.

"Paradise Now"
November 20, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 23:33-43

"In This World, but the World to Come..."
November 6, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 20:27-38

"Zacchaues' Song"
October 30, 2016
Slyvia Cervantes

Luke 19:1-9

"Sinners High and Low"
October 23, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 18:9-14

"The Drama that is Scripture"
October 16, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

II Timothy 3:14-4:5

"Taught by a Foreigner's Faith"
October 9, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 17:11-19

"Faith: A Little Goes a Long Way"
October 2, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 17:1-10

"The Compassionate Father"
September 25, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 15:11-32

Dean Nelson Installation Service
September 18, 2016
Greg Yee, PNW Conference Superintendent

Acts 1-11

"Which One of You?"
September 11, 2016
Rev. Dean Nelson

Luke 15:1-10