• Carrie Osorio - Director

    Coffee Profile - Carrie loves non-fat mint mochas. The zing of the caffeine sparks her energy for praising with the preschoolers during Chapel, and the chocolate and mint remind her of the sweetness of the little ones.

    Carrie has been directing WONDERLAND for the past 5 years. She and her family attend Yakima Covenant, and her oldest daughter was part of WONDERLAND’s first class. Her husband, Marcelino, and daughters Madelyn and Mailee, love to fish, play board games and generally “be” together.

    Carrie has a degree in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in ESL. She taught Kindergarten for 5 years before coming to YCC. Carrie loves leading the children’s weekly “Chapel” times. The little ones’ spirit for worship is a gift. She truly believes that an early start to living for Jesus is the best education a child can receive.

  • Jamie Leaverton - 3's  Co-Lead Teacher

    Coffee Profile - Jamie likes ALL coffee, but usually gets a hot or iced skinny vanilla latte. 

    Jamie Leaverton is the Co-Lead preschool teacher for our 3-year-old classes (aka “The Cubbies” and “The Teddies”) here at WONDERLAND.  She recently completed her Initial Certification through the Department of Early Learning, and is very familiar with Wonderland's program since both of her daughters came to us for their preschool education. 

    In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband and two children, Kaitlyn and Kristin.  They love camping, and spending time together as a family.  Jamie also enjoys painting and crafting.  They added to their family this summer by getting a new dog! 

    Jamie loves teaching Children's Church at her home church, Stone Church. Jamie and her husband have coached several of their girls sports teams.   Jamie is very patient and kind-natured.  This is just the right combination to help our 3 year olds transition into their school learning experience!

  • Tami Abel - 3's Co-Lead Teacher & PM PK Assistant

    Coffee Profile - Vanilla lattes! Hot on cold days and iced on hot days.

    Tami is the Co-Lead teacher for both of our Three’s Classes (aka “The Cubbies” and “The Teddy Bears”), and assists with the PM PK (aka "The Gummies") class.  Tami and her family attend Yakima Covenant. Tami has actually been attending for around 25 years! She is married to her husband, Jason. They have 3 sons, 2 dogs, and a cat. Together, they enjoy camping, swimming, playing games and getting down and dirty in the garden. Their house is cozy and full of love!

    One of Tami’s strengths is her creativity. She loves to paint, draw, scrapbook and try all sorts of crafts. She also loves baking. She has been a vital part of Wonderland's staff for four years.  The children know her as “Silly Teacher”.

    Tami’s heart is warmed when she sees big smiles on the faces of the children. She loves their ideas and the funny things they say. She feeds off of the children’s enthusiasm, and appreciates how the simplest thing can make them excited. Their faces light up when they learn something new, and being around the children just makes her smile.

  • Linda Marez - AM & PM PK Lead Teacher/Friday Intensive Teacher

    Coffee Profile - Linda likes chai tea, but actually prefers water to just about anything.

    Linda is the lead teacher to our AM Pre-Kinder (aka “The Honey Bears”) and our PM Pre-Kinder (aka “The Gummy Bears”) classes. 

    In her “spare” time, Linda enjoys journaling, painting ceramics, and spending time with her grandkids. She is very involved in her church, Four Square. She recently completed her BA in Early Learning through Heritage University. Go, Linda! 

    Linda describes her job at WONDERLAND as “amazing”. She loves the children, and says that the love that they show for God is incredible. Linda believes that the children keep her young at heart, because it is fun to act silly and enjoy herself. The hugs are an added bonus.

  • Talia Pierone - AM PK Assistant Teacher

    Coffee Profile - Talia loves caramel macchiatos!

    Talia is the assistant teacher in the AM Pre-Kinder (aka “The Honey Bears) class. Talia has completed her Initial Training through the Department of Early Learning. She loves her two "babies"; her Alaskan Malamute dogs!  Talia has worked in structured childcare settings, in her church Sunday School program, and as a nanny.  She also loves writing short stories and novels!

    Talia loves children. She tends to bond quickly with little ones, and loves spending time getting to know them.  If you can't see her immediately when you step into our AM PK class, a quick glance downwards may find her playing with the students on the floor!