at Wonderland Preschool we believe


…that preschool is not so much about an age as it is about a continuum of readiness that leads to Kindergarten success.

When choosing a class that is the right fit for your preschooler, it is important to take into consideration several factors. These include, but are not limited to, the number of years your child has before she/he enters Kindergarten and her/his previous learning experiences. Our goal is that each child who leaves our program loves God, serves others and is wonderfully prepared for Kindergarten.



…that children have a unique sense of Jesus’ nature and are in tune with their spirituality.

Jesus told his disciples not to get in the children’s way when they came to see him. He clearly stated that we must receive God’s Kingdom like a little child. Jesus blessed the children, and took them into his arms. What a wonderful picture this paints of how we, as educators, are to accept children!



…that God’s existence is central to our teachings. 

God reveals His nature to His children in several ways. He is revealed through His Word, the Bible. He is revealed through the teachings and life of His Son, Jesus Christ. He is revealed through His creation, the world. Jesus is the mediator between God and people. Jesus died for us so that our sins can be forgiven, and so that we can go directly to God with our praises and prayers. One who accepts Jesus becomes a Christian. The Holy Spirit teaches and guides each Christian to God’s truth.



…that the purpose of education is to nurture and nourish.

Our teachers and assistants prayerfully approach each school day. Lesson content and teaching methods are geared towards each child’s level of understanding. When children are engaged in meaningful activities, treated kindly, and taught to interact with one another, they learn important life-lessons.



…that children succeed when a strong bond forms between family and school.

Although we are not a “co-op” preschool and volunteer hours aren’t a requirement in order to attend Wonderland, the assistance provided by family members in our classrooms is a blessing. If you have the desire to help, we can always use extra hands.

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